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Who We Are

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In any industry we serve, creating safe and reliable agricultural supply chain solutions is our never-ending pursuit. From offices and facilities around the world, we buy, sell, store, handle and process grain and ingredients, as well as manage transportation and logistics worldwide. In everything we do, we put relationships first, and we always leave room for what’s possible.


Leading the way for our agribusiness customers and suppliers around the world


What we firmly believe in


Our word is our bond. We do what is right, not just what is easy or allowable. We are candid in our relationships.



It is the root of our creativity, innovation and flexibility. We seek deep understanding of markets and customers’ unique needs. Coupled with knowledge, it leads to creative, unique solutions for mutual benefit.



We commit to shared goals, knowing there are many paths to reach them. Success means that we deliver results in the right way. 




We win when we bring a diverse set of ideas and people together to collaborate for company success.



Our employees are people first. We show compassion when adversity affects any of us. Each of us is stronger because of this.



We deploy the assets of the company to win while being disciplined to safeguard them for the next generation.

Commitment to Industry

Connections that drive integrity

We realize that Grasslands Farms represents the industry in everything we do. We take that responsibility seriously and strive to set a very high standard for ourselves and others. We want to share our best practices with the industry to create a future that continuously improves upon the past. We also know that the industry is much bigger than Grasslands Farms. We use our trade associations to help give us insight into the markets and operations we don’t directly touch. They are a resource that makes us a better company than we ever could be alone. By sharing our knowledge and experience, and learning from their extensive resources, we have forged a true partnership with industry associations around the world.


Innovation every day

Whether we’re solving everyday challenges for our customers or developing unique industrywide solutions, we are constantly driven to think bigger and do more with the knowledge we have. Our deep involvement in the global agricultural supply chain gives us the ability to quickly assess market needs and identify opportunities for growth and change. 

Corporate citizenship

Worldwide commitment


Our charitable giving initiatives are driven by The Grasslands Farms Foundation-a private philanthropic organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the communities in which Grasslands Farms employees live and work. We are committed to engaged corporate citizenship and are willing to back that up. Sometimes that means employees showing up by the dozens to volunteer. Sometimes that means funding much-needed community initiatives. Grasslands Farms is also committed to supporting the international communities where our employees, customers and business partners live and work. This is done outside of the foundation and is identified and supported by our international business units. At Grasslands Farms , we are also committed to conducting ourselves ethically and lawfully. Our Code of Conduct is a guide for all members of the Grasslands Farms community on the standards we are all expected to reach, as well as specific laws, regulations and policies. See our Code of Conduct or learn more about our community involvement.

End-to-end supply chain solutions


Local merchant presence and relationships with international markets helps provide farmers with better information on the right crops to plant at the right time.


Truck, rail, container and barge—we understand it all and can creatively arrange for shipping that meets both buyer and seller needs.


Whether we're helping meet a deficit need in a specific area or providing market access to manufacturers, our overarching view of the global marketplace provides context and clarity.

Manufacturers and consumers

Our extensive product portfolio means that specific requests are almost always possible.